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Hello eh

June 1, 2009

Hello Rich and Jane,

It is the first of June and quite chilly here in southern Ontario – we almost had to put a fire in. Paul golfed today and shivered all the way around the course. He has joined a regular weekday league of fellow retirees, as he is the youngest, we tease him about being called Sonny. We had little Addie here this weekend and the sight of her with her wild curly hair and pablum all over her face took me back to those days in Burlington with your curly haired boys and their time in the highchair. We’ll be with you in spirit this weekend at Relay for Life. Have fun.


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  1. Bridget Fox permalink
    June 4, 2009 3:19 pm

    This blog is fabulous I can feel connected. I would love to live close to you guys like the old days. I feel useless so far away.
    I want to be with you so much to help you through this – Richard you have always been around for me. Remember lying on the couch after your “big snip” with a bag of frozen peas on your privates, listening to my problems!!! I think the peas melted long before we had finished talking. You are a fantastic listener with great advice.

    It is fantastic that you are doing so much travelling and going to Europe with the family. It will be a Fabulous Family Occasion, right!

    Hugs and thinking of you all. I would love to get down to Indiana in the near future.


  2. Drew and Alison permalink
    February 9, 2010 3:31 pm

    Hi Rich and Jane:
    Warm greetings to old friends! Where has the time gone? It seems like yesterday I was playing squash with Rich in his lawn cutting shoes, Jane’s old racquet and French Canadian expletives. I miss those days. Great to see you both enjoying the sun and beach, its a passion with us as well. Our kids are doing well, Aynsley is in third year at the University of Ottawa and Dana works for Fastenal in Oakville. We are still in the same house but hope to downsize as soon as the kids are independent (no pending signs of this!). Rich I tried your trick of leaving the car hood up for repairs by the neighbours but it hasn’t worked.Any other suggestions for that and the getting the other 12 things on the repair list done? Its comforting to me knowing there is another person in this world as useless as me in technical matters. Alison hopes to retire next year once Aynsley finishes university. I think I am on the freedom 85 track. We will follow the blogs but do drop a line.
    Well guys be strong, joke lots and enjoy ever day.We look forward hearing from you.
    Warmest Regards,
    Drew and Alison

  3. Richard Lafave permalink
    February 14, 2010 2:16 am

    Drew – I was always told you – the key is to have neighbors who can do car repairs or general maintenance: In your case, having neighbors who are table dancers just doesn’t cut it !!! As a family overall we’re doing ok. My two sons are still in university in Indiana , while Meg, our only daughter is busy looking for work opportunities in Denver where she spent the past two years teaching for Teach For America after she graduated from Purdue University. We have been in Florida for the past month, and our 3 children try to join us there as often as their schedule permits.

    2009 was a heavy year of traveling and creating memories for our family once I was told my cancer had returned. Jane and I toured Western Canada to see some old friends from our college days; then we took the kids to Quebec City and East , and had great time . In early July we brought them to England, France and Italy for 2 weeks. Then I went on a golf trip to Scotland in mid August with some good friends….So, after August, we just tried to take it a day at a time, getting the most out of each day as possible. As you look through the blog, you’ll be able to catch up on our activities. We hope you and Alison enjoy the site; we’ll continue to update it frequently as the weeks go by. Rich

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