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Banff Trip

June 3, 2009
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  1. mjanelafave permalink*
    June 3, 2009 1:54 am

    Just back from a wonderful trip to Lake Louise, Banff and Calgary, Alberta. Highlights included the breath-taking beauty of the Canadian Rockies, golf with Steve at Kananaskis, visiting with Steve, Carol and Morgan and finally golf and a visit with Mare, Arn and family. What a wonderful trip and did I mention I had a birdie??? (This is Jane, not Richard).

    • Anonymous permalink
      June 3, 2009 10:56 pm

      I knew it was you…Richard is not that good!

  2. Lisa2 permalink
    June 3, 2009 1:59 am

    Wow! Beautiful pics!

  3. Laurie permalink
    June 3, 2009 11:41 am

    Gorgeous shots (including the scenery) and congrats on the birdie Jane!

  4. maosto1 permalink
    June 4, 2009 4:43 am

    What a beautiful thing we witnessed…Jane’s birdie putt! Much excitement from the gallery! Don’t those foot wedges work wonders on the overall score! Richard, it was refreshing to see how this game is supposed to be played! Your game is a beautiful thing as well! Thanks for fun game!
    Mare & Arn

  5. marflet1 permalink
    June 8, 2009 1:42 am

    beautiful pictures. Where is next on the trip schedule?
    I will email you some pictures of Jack I took yesterday in southern Missouri…not the rockies, but really nice streams…

    Mark Fletcher

  6. Steve Drury permalink
    June 11, 2009 4:40 am

    WOW…I can Blog !!..but I sure can’t play golf…not like good ole Rich…he goes 40-40 like it was nothing….if he was to play it again the next day…the course record may have been threatened.
    It was great to have Rich and Jane in Cowtown…See you at the family reunion

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