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A big shout out

June 8, 2009

`Just wanted to give a big shout out to the entire Dick’s Picks relay team who raised over $4000 in the Relay for Life.  Way to go guys!

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  1. margal1 permalink
    June 8, 2009 10:19 pm

    Richard I put in the blog the thak you message I sent everybody in the team. I did not have the e mail adresses of your family.
    thanks again Richard , enjoy your time in Quebec
    Hello everybody,
    The relay was a great success.
    THANK YOU!!!!!!
    TO RAISE $4.200 FOR
    Dick’s Picks was the second top team on raising money out of 39. All together raised over $63.000.
    I think we all enjoyed the past two days at the CHS track.
    We would have never accomplished this without your help.
    I want to thank Joan and Larry for bringing the tents that match so well with the t-shirts, Nolan for getting the t shirts , all the brave walkers ,runners who were on time and so committed for the relay ,Joan and Larry, Sally and Steve , Sandy, Julie and Chris, Jerry and Barb, Marge and Grace, Janet, Sherry and Izzy, Debbie and Greg, Wade, The Ciminos brothers, Mickael’s friends, Damian, Ronda, Angel and Drew, Mary, Julie and Wayne, Chris, Patty and Curt , Ann ,Susan and Jim, Jon and Nolan , the Herrera family, Antonio, Silvia and Juan.
    Special thanks to our partcipants who came all the way from Canada to support his brother and uncle, Bob, Elaine, Phil and Leslie, you really made this day special.
    And of course to the whole Lafave family.
    Richard, you are always an inspiration for all your friends and we have to thank you for giving us the opportunity of being part of this great event.
    If you could not make it this year I invite you to come and see the relay 2010 . this is a great way to celebrate, honored and fight back cancer.
    All of us together helped to take another step in this fight against cancer.
    Once again I want to thank everybody and I hope we can do this next year.

    Mar Galindez

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