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FFO #2: Day 2

June 10, 2009

It was another great day up in the Charlevoix region. Before the rain and coolness set in, we spend the day up near Tadoussac on a boating adventure to see the fjords and find some whales. We got very lucky – on the trip our guide estimated that we saw over 60 whales of the Minke and Beluga species. The minkes were little rascals to catch on camera, but the beluga whales were very photogenic. I included some pictures below. Tomorrow we are headed for Quebec City and then Thursday it is on to Montreal.

Highlight of the day:
-On the boat, there was a photographer trying to take and then sell pictures of people and their families. Mike, being the humble guy he is, opted out of the picture. Despite constantly telling the photographer ‘no’, she continued to ask. Finally, Chris blurted out “No, he doesn’t want a God damn picture.” She was sufficiently scared, and needless to say, didn’t offer Chris the picture she had of him for purchase.

Til tomorrow,



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