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Lafaves visit us

June 23, 2009

Sorry I’m a bit slow uploading this. We had a nice, albeit brief visit in Montreal a couple of weeks ago by the Lafaves sans Richard, who was already on an airplane. It was very nice to see you all and to finally meet Damien, whose name I am probably misspelling. As the pictures show (if I have managed to do this correctly), our boys had a good time with all their new playthings the visitors.

Presumably it was easier to leave our place by car than it was to arrive. Come back soon!

Dan, Chris and Meg

Dan, Chris and Meg

Tom and Meg

Tom and Meg

Tom and Damien

Tom and Damien

Mike, Marja and the boys

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  1. Lisa permalink
    June 23, 2009 4:18 pm

    Too cute!

  2. Mike permalink
    June 23, 2009 4:27 pm

    I should mention that we had gone straight from soccer match to Mass, and then made it home to arrive a few minutes after the Lafaves had arrived. That’s why the boys are dressed in the same outfits as we rarely try to dress them the same way.


    • Laurie permalink
      June 23, 2009 5:25 pm

      It’s okay Mike, you can tell them apart since only one is in full pirate garb.

  3. Meggo permalink
    June 24, 2009 1:44 am

    They are too cute! It was great to see your family and play hide and seek and pirates!

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