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Rome rocks, the left side of there keyborads do not

July 9, 2009

hello there everyone, we weàre all gigantic rock stars today. up at 5 45 with nothing but granola bars to feed ourselves, we hit the vatican, man is that place beautiful, the sisteen chapel apparetnly is the best place in rome to converse in loud voices, but it is prety nice, st. peteràs basillica is the most beautiful church ive ever seen.

then we went to the coliseum, where mom and meg didnàt like our masogynist tour guide, sor t of a bill o reilly with social skills. it was interesting though, and by the time we were done with sightseeing it was past five, on our feet for a whole 12 hours, anyway iòm getting kicke doff the computer now so im gonna type fast we rocked it today the food and wine was good thank you mr cimino for knowing some italian i love me family and this country is pretty sweet.

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  1. Jon Evans permalink
    July 10, 2009 1:18 am

    Moto bene. God bless you all. Great to hear about your adventures.

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