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Recap of Paris / Normandy Visit – July 4-8, 2009

July 18, 2009

The train from London to Paris was  a super trip – clean,  great service ,  smooth ride and it drops you off right in downtown Paris. We had a great hotel with a subway stop right opposite our front door. The art museums ( Louvre and Musee D’or ) were great, we went to Mass on Sunday at Notre Dame cathedral, walked the Champs – Elysees to the Arc de Triomphe built by Napoleon and climbed to the top for a view of the city was brilliant,  the Versailles Palace was educational if not opulent ( got my teapot with ‘Maison Richard” written on the side at the bistro down the block !) , the Eiffel tower is tall,  and just walking the city and riding its subways  was a learning experience. The evenings were great for dinners – just a superb time in Paris.  But a bonus to our time in France was our day trip to Normandy – the beaches, the war memorials and cemetaries, and the museum there. We went by Rouen where our family roots trace back to 1608. Enjoy the pictures.

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