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Drury Re-Union – August 8th, 2009 – Val Morin & the Chanteclerc

August 14, 2009

Well – what a great re-union.  A million thanks to Vic and Jim and all the others that worked so hard to make the event such a success and attract so many participants. I know our family had a ball just re-acquanting ourselves with everyone and catching up on the nephews and the nieces.  How special was the cook out at Granny’s and the games and stories that flowed ! And the hotel arrangements at Le Chanteclerc were perfect. Memories to treasure and a lots of  pictures below to help us remember this glorious weekend and just how important it is to have family that can support one another through life’s journey.  Best from Jane and  Rich

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  1. sylvie permalink
    August 31, 2009 1:59 pm

    We just received the pictures throught the mail and i must say they are wonderful. Thank YOU for the wonderful time we shared with everyone. I will forever be greatful for being there.

  2. Debbie Lafave permalink
    September 18, 2009 9:21 pm


    I just received my photos too! Thank you so much for being so thoughtful! I’ll cherish those photos and the great memories of that reunion forever. (I’m embarrassed that I still haven’t gotten around to sharing our photos). Your blog is wonderful and a great way for us to feel connected! Congratulations to both of you on your 30th! I remember the wedding well. First wedding I’d ever been to! You were sooo beautiful aunt Jane-and you weren’t too bad yourself uncle Richard!

    All our love,
    Thinking about you always….

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