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Update on our pal

January 26, 2010

Hi everybody,

We’ve been in the sunny south for almost a month now and true to his word, Richard is taking advantage of the warmth to walk at least two or three times a day. We  had some rocky moments earlier in the month as his pain medication was changed for a period of time ( it made him weak and lethargic ), but we’re back to the medications  that worked so well in 2009  , and he is  doing much better  as a result.

We continue to focus on each  day we’re given and live in the moment. One of my favorite authors, Henri Nouwen penned ” Among the best things we can give each other are good memories”  and so that has become our mantra as we  reflect on how blessed we have been with time, family members and friends. As a result, the pictures posted below reflect this sentiment +  some of the glorious ocean views and sunsets we’ve been able to witness each day.

My Mom joined us for a visit early in January and she taught Meg and me how to knit and we taught her how to do sudoku (and she’s now hooked!).  Richard’s brother Dru joined us for a weekend and then his sister Elaine was here for the last week. Two good friends – Larry and Antonio – came down for two days.  And, we ventured over to the Ocean side last week to visit Richard’s cousins Chuck and Diane ( a great time catching up on family memories !! )  and  see the Carlton House where Richard’s parents lived for over 30 years. So a busy month in spite of the health issues we spoke of  earlier –  enjoy the pictures !!

I would be remiss if  I failed to mention that Steve Drury’s daughter Taylor has an audition with the Julliard  in NYC at the end of February.  Steve – we’re all pulling for her !!!

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  1. Elaine permalink
    January 26, 2010 2:41 am

    Wow congratulations Taylor. And Peter so nice to read your comment. How is the Leger clan?
    Rich and Jane and Meg thank you for your hospitality…sunset at the Ritz, Meg’s green smoothies, walks on the beach, and front row seats for the “Batchelor”. By the way you can rent the pelican for five bucks…just kidding.
    Also Jane has started a new business…put your order in now for a knitted scarf if you hope to wrap around your neck before the winter is up. Speaking of winter, it is 8 degrees celcius and raining in Toronto.
    Love it up

  2. Clare permalink
    January 26, 2010 11:53 pm

    Good luck to Taylor – we’ll all stay tuned for an update after the audition. Thanks for posting your news and beautiful photos. Glad to see the weather has improved and you are able to get out again and enjoy it. Jane, you might be getting a lot of scarf orders – we are expecting wind chill temperatures and snow flurries for the next three days here in the great white north. Your sisters wish they could have been part of the stitch and bitch club too…

    We were thinking of you all on Sunday and imagining your big smiles over the Colts’ impressive victory. We’ll be cheering them on too come Super Bowl Sunday.

    Keep enjoying that sunshine and adding to the memories.

  3. Mike Coady permalink
    January 31, 2010 2:18 pm

    Nice to see that you guys are finally getting to soak up some sun. Don’t be afraid to send a bit our way; it’s been bitterly cold and windy here. We’ll be cheering for Indy in the Bowl, Rich.


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